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To truly bring your pages to the TOP of Google SERPs you need juice and links.

What better place to get links from than from HIGH DA sites like Wikipedia, Thrive and the like.

Here we are providing you links from these websites who have from traffic over 1M+.

You can get links from these 2 sites:

link from tl.wikipedia


High DA, High Traffic link fro sw.wikipedia



Wikipedia is a source of information that is referred by people all over the Internet. Due to this, they are very strict with regards to the content that is posted on their site with regards to the accuracy, correctness, and credibility of the information posted and/or updated on the site.


  1. These are foreign Wikipedia pages & content needs to be very informative with almost zero sales intent.
  2. A link to an inner page that is both informative and accurate with zero branding, and sales intent.
  3. If the said information doesn’t already exist on Wikipedia, then you might get your own page on Wikipedia along with an anchor(suitable or related keyword) pointing to your inner page.
  4. If there is content on Wikipedia regarding your niche then you will get an anchor(of your choice or related to your keyword)



This is another one of the sites which is dominant in almost every niche that you could probably think of. The moderators of these sites have high standards for the content on their website and it has to be according to these set guidelines for it to even pass them and be posted.

Check out the metrics below:

High DA, High traffic link from thrive global


You can either provide us with the content or have us do it for you. In case you’d like to provide the content, here are some guidelines that you will have to keep in mind while doing drafting the same.


Another great website to check out:

High Traffic, DA link from

As you can see the metrics are again awesome and any link back from such domains will be a boon for your site. A traffic of over 1M only speaks volume of what it could do for your page and niche if it gets some love from the people on the site 😉


Same requirements as ThriveGlobal. Let us know if you intend to do the content yourself or want us to do it for you.



In case the requirements are not met, 2 things will happen:  1. the moderators won’t pass the content & 2. the content, if passed, will soon be taken down by Wikipedia as it will not meet the terms of the website.

Of course, we will edit the content if it is not appropriate, but that won’t work for the Wiki links as the content will be on your page. So do stick to the guidelines.

This will make it easier for both of us & ensure the best and smoothest link building experience for you.



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